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Compa Creative is a creative and marketing agency based in Norman, OK.

Marketing isn’t what it was 30 years ago. It’s not even what it was 30 days ago. Clearly, there are a lot more ways to interact with your audience now than ever before. But the big difference between now and then is: now your audience talks back. Gone are the passive receivers of corporate messaging. Today your fans have a hand in writing your brand’s story. And this is great news because, if you didn’t know already, your fans are awesome. Dazzle them properly and they’ll be your champions forever.

So just how do you dazzle your fans properly?

For that you’ll need to get Creative. We recommend: Compa Creative.


You can work with us in two ways.


So you need a fresh logo - or a functional website - maybe you have an event to promote. We specialize in delivering gorgeous creative products on time that function how you want them to.


Make Compa the newest member of your team. We designed this approach with our clients' long-term success in mind. We will help you clarify your business's goals and develop a marketing plan to get you there. 

Dane Heins | Principal

Dane Heins | Principal

Dane may be a young entrepreneur but he isn't fresh to the game. Before founding Compa Creative in 2016, Dane accumulated 8 years of agency experience. From intern, to copywriter, to creative director - Dane played every role in the script. He now seeks to write his own story.

Dane has received ADDY Awards for Graphic Design and Video Production.

He is a member of ECAB (Environmental Control Advisory Board) in Norman

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We believe in crafting brands through strategic storytelling and fan engagement via integrated experiences on web, mobile and in print.



research and analysis

identity development

brand positioning

social strategy

campaign development



graphic design

web design



video production



campaign management

engagement marketing

reputation management

social management

search engine optimization

print and digital advertising

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Stormwater Open House  |  Poster Series

Stormwater Open House  |  Poster Series

Kate Bierman for Ward 1 | 2017 Norman City Council Campaign

Kate Bierman for Ward 1 | 2017 Norman City Council Campaign

Broadway Law | Marketing Consultation, Rebranding, Website

Broadway Law | Marketing Consultation, Rebranding, Website

Annie's Ruff House | Rebranding, Website, Print

Annie's Ruff House | Rebranding, Website, Print

Sereta Wilson for Ward 5 | 2017 Norman City Council Campaign

Sereta Wilson for Ward 5 | 2017 Norman City Council Campaign

Charles Bennet Poster

Michael Bisping | Poster

Beirut | Live on the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM

Beirut | Live on the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Gaberino's Homestyle Italian Restaurant

Gaberino's Homestyle Italian Restaurant

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Here's what our clients have to say about working with us:

"I worked with Compa Creative on an important project for the City of Norman. It was a stressful time with tight deadlines.
Dane waded through many layers of scientific information and detail that had to be expressed. He created a beautiful series of visuals, and emails that exceeded all of our expectations-- and he did it all with a smile and apparent ease.
Working with Dane was a pleasure. If we need graphic design project management work in the future, he'll be my go to."

 - Rebecca Bean | Owner: Stash


"Compa Creative is excellent at taking an idea, or even random thoughts in my head, and turning them into a cohesive brand with an effective marketing strategy. Every thing I sent to Dane has come back to me very professional looking and with a very short turn around time. Thank you for helping with Sereta Wilson for Ward 5, 2017!"

- Sereta Wilson | Ward 5 City Council Candidate


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